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Villa dei Fiori is a romantic escape. This vacation rental is on 14 acres on the boundary of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Villa dei Fiori is a romantic escape created by Dale Allan Pelton, a Hollywood-based film production designer who is currently working on a novel. This secluded estate in Joshua Tree is a popular lodging destination for artists, writers, musicians, actors, film directors, artisans and professionals from all walks of life, the estate consists of twenty acres of boulders and gardens, including a savage wilderness behind the house in the hidden valley where you will spy cactus wrens, and ravens, owls and hawks, roadrunners and quail. The south property line is contiguous with the Joshua Tree National Park boundary.


Our lodging is very private and our new swimming pool is surrounded by boulders for rock climbers and adventures.

The swimming pool is a 24 x 36 ft. ellipse set back into the giant boulders close to the cave. The stunning pool in the boulders of the estate cannot be found in a Joshua Tree hotel or bed and breakfast. The "gemstone" surface below the water line, is formed of millions of glistening black pebbles, intermixed with an intense blue. The darkness of the water's surface, transforms the pool into a dark mirror, mysteriously reflecting the boulders on either side.

Our lodging is very private and our new swimming pool is surrounded by boulders for rock climbers and adventures.


Jacuzzi seats 6 adults, with an illuminated water fall, two pumps of 2.5 hp, powerful therapy and foot jets, a total of 64 PowerPro jets, which through the massage selectors may be oxygenated and diverted to increase their strength.

Jacuzzi seats 6 adults

Nancy, Matt, Zack and Jacob: “This has been one of the best vacations in our family’s history! We loved your incredible library and enjoyed spending our evenings talking deep into the night watching the fire in the wonderful hidden cave. Thank you for the gift of a truly satisfying family vacation.”


Jacuzzi seats 6 adults

Marion: “The lights on the boulders at night are magical. I feel as if I were on a Greek island waiting to see a play by Sophocles.”


You won't find a cave at any Joshua tree hotels


Marion: “The cave is such a surprise. You feel like you’re a hundred miles from civilization, in another time. We spent the night. A cave in Joshua Tree is a great place to be with the man you love.”

One may linger in bed in the morning and watch wildlife through the open French doors. Near the house is a cave with a soft bed of river sand and a fire pit where visitors have evening dinner parties, a cave of giant boulders with crevices opening to the sky through which one can view the stars. On moonless nights, one marvels at the intense canopy of stars and the fiery streaks of meteor showers.


Why stay at a Joshua Tree hotel when you can find so much more romance and seclusion at our vacation rental


Roseanne: "We just walked through the gorge behind the house, from your gorgeous hidden valley into Joshua Tree National Park. It is the most romantic vacation rental we’ve found in Joshua Tree. You don't have to get into a car and drive somewhere. You just walk straight into the park. the feeling of privacy is wonderful.”


Our rental home has


Thirteen French doors open upon five terraces with pergolas of cascading wisteria, pyracanthus, jasmine and climbing roses, giving Villa dei Fiori an European ambiance with its enormous library, exotic colors, original paintings from France and Moroccan carpets and urns. The kitchen is well equipped for gourmet cooking, a gas fired barbeque on the kitchen terrace, four tables and 12 chairs which may be moved around to the various six terrace locations. The master bedroom is equipped with a high speed internet connection. In the living room is a possible fourth sleeping area with a sofa/sleeper, a quality stereo and inside a cabinet, a VCR/DVD system with a selection of music and videos.


Villa dei Fiori is oferred as a vacation lodging with three bedrooms.


Dale, an architectural designer, art director of films and fiction writer, has been working on the garden of Villa dei Fiori for seventeen years. Villa dei Fiori is his private home which is offered as a vacation lodging for guests who wish to explore Joshua Tree National Park. Each of the three bedrooms has double French doors opening to six private terraces with a view of the giant boulders of quartz-monzonite and the terraced garden of 150 roses of every hue imaginable in the shape of a giant crescent and enclosed by a hedge of purple French lavender which blooms twelve months of the year.


Vacation rental guests can hike directly into the canyons of Joshua Tree National Park


In contrast to Joshua Tree hotels, you will find yourself secluded in the magical and scented air of Villa dei Fiori immediately on the Joshua Tree National Park, an ideal retreat from the madness and routines of our pressured lives, perfect for sharing with family and friends, the discovery of a new romance or the rediscovery of an old love almost forgotten.


Andrea and Gary: "Dale thank you so much for opening up your home so travelers like us can have the experience of living in this enchanting place in Joshua Tree. Being in the presence of the vastness of time—the boulders, the stars—has sparked some wonderful conversations. To have shared this with the love of my life, my partner, my best friend. . . is magical and will stay with us a long, long time.”

There is a grove of Italian Stone pines on the north. To the south, a terrace of raked sand with a Zen aesthetic, is in the midst of large boulders, perfect for al fresco dining. In the west one can see the snow-capped peak of San Gorgonio, the highest mountain in Southern California. Between the kitchen terrace and the southeast terrace stands a giant Joshua tree, several hundred years of age. The motorcourt is surrounded by mesquite trees and crimson oleanders which conceal the vehicles, allowing a feeling of complete solitude and pastoral peace.

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